Tips For Choosing The Best Outfits For Your Family’s Photo Shoot


Choosing outfits for a family photo shoot can be fun yet challenging. Here are some tips to help you select outfits that will create a cohesive and visually appealing look:

Coordinate, don’t match

Avoid wearing identical outfits as it can look a bit too coordinated. Instead, aim for a cohesive colour palette or theme that ties everyone’s outfits together. Choose a colour scheme of complementary or harmonious colours that work well together. Pay attention to the location of the shoot, or the colour of the backdrop that will be used when selecting colours.

Start with one outfit

Choose something that you love, then coordinate the rest of the family’s outfits with that. For example, years ago I had my own family photoshoot. I loved a blue and yellow dress my baby girl had, so started with that, then everyone else in the family wore blues or yellows to coordinate.

This is the colour wheel which is used to explain colour theory. It consists of primary colours (red, blue, yellow), secondary colours (purple, green, orange) and tertiary colours. It can be a handy tool to use to see which colours look best together when assembling outfits.

Consider the location and season

The setting and season of the photoshoot should influence your colour choices; autumn shoots outdoors would favour yellows, oranges and browns, whereas a shoot on the beach in summer would suit softer colours and floaty fabrics.

Use patterns, textures and logos carefully

Incorporating patterns and textures can add visual interest to your photographs, but shouldn’t be too bold so that they overwhelm the images. Avoid logos and busy graphics. as these can distract from the main focus of the photos, which should be you your family and the connection between you. Logos can often date your photos, and what you might like now may very well embarrass you in later years!

Plain is better than slogans, which quickly become outdated

Dress for your body type

Choose outfits that flatter each family member’s figure to promote self-confidence. Nothing makes you feel worse by knowing you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t show you at your best, and that discomfort can be picked up by the camera. Sometimes going up a size can be more flattering, especially in underwear. If it bothers you going up a size, just cut the sizing label out…we all know it doesn’t mean anything, right? I do this quite often!

Accessories accessories!

Accessories add personality and style to any outfit. Incorporating accessories such as scarves, hats, belts and jewellery don’t just add visual interest but also reflects your personality. I’m more than happy if you want to bring a load of accessories to your shoot and we can try them out and see what works best.

Consider skin tones

Different colours can affect skin tones in different ways. Some shades can really enhance your natural colouring, whereas others can wash out or clash with certain skin tones. I found this article which helps to explain which colours go best with different skin tones:

Don’t wait until the day of your photoshoot to find an outfit for everyone. You need to make sure everyone has something that fits, is clean and is ironed. The most important thing is for everyone to feel at their best in their chosen outfits. When you feel your best, it shines through which is exactly what you want to happen in your family photoshoot. I offer family sessions both in my studio in Wollaton, Nottingham, and also on location. My two favourite times of the year to shoot outdoors are bluebell season and in the autumn.


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